• UX Week

    UX Week: We're advanced enough for techies, but still simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Transformation 2011

    Transformation 2011: Networks can be customized so that it looks and feels like your site.

  • Mass Poetry

    Mass Poetry 2012: Our service is simple enough for do-it-your-selfers of any persuasion, including bankers, doctors, lawyers, educators, youth workers, researchers, and musicians.

  • ARF Re:think

    ARF Re:think: We provide custom community management to help your attendees make the most of their conference attendance.

The smart and easy way to build a community around your event or conference

  • Create a community around your conference.
  • Help Attendees meet easily.
  • Amplify the networking value of your event
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  • Create a simple social network for your organization, alumni group, or friends.
  • Help members connect.
  • Provide an easy way for them to stay in touch.
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About Crowdvine

Crowdvine is social CrowdVine, founded in 2007, builds simple and powerful social software to help people connect. While we believe our products are very good, the killer feature of social software is people. That's why when you go to our features page, you'll see a list of reasons to use our software, not just a list of tools. Everything we do is aimed at making it easier for people to meet. Once they've done that, it's our job to get out of the way.


Business Week "Reader's Choice"
Tech Crunch "Setting up your own network is dead simple"