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the definitive collection

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5 Tech Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2022

How to Remove Your Personal Information From Mylife, Intelius, Spokeo, Radius, and BeenVerified

The information these sites have about you is mind-blowing.

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How to Train and Use a Virtual Assistant to Multiply Your Time

Modern-day productivity is more than just getting a lot done. You also want to create more time to do what you love.


5 Tech Habitudes You Should Thrive in 2022

How To Stop Wasting Time On WhatsApp

The Art of Tiered Communication

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Fast = Calm

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Life in the Coming Year: 5 Ways to Live Life in the Coming Year

The Complete Guide to Deliberate Practice

We are capable of incredible feats

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Do noises like chewing, pen-clicking, or slurping send you into a rage? Here’s what you can do to cope with misophonia.

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Online Trolls

“Fatties Gonna Fat.

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Better Life, Better Relationship: How to Become a Better Person in the Year of the Tiger

How One Year of Microdosing Helped My Career, Relationships, and Happiness

Recently, I completed a one-year experiment in which I took microdoses of psilocybin 

The Curious Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing for Work, Relationships, and Happiness

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How to Use Reciprocity to Start Meaningful Conversations with Strangers

When I was in high school, I was never one of the popular kids.


The Business Life: 5 Lessons Entrepreneur Should Know for a Successful 2022

The Definitive Guide to Understanding Proactivity and Becoming a Proactive Entrepreneur

Here we go again: Another article on proactivity, right?

A Guide to Stoicism for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers

I’ve been “let go” several times.

How to Fail When You’re Used to Winning

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Here Are 10 Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me

Please Do More With Them Than I Did, FFS

How to be a World-Class Negotiator

Life Lessons to Help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Creators


The 5 Health Hacks for a Healthy Life in 2022

with Menno Henselmans

Learn how this expert trainer and researcher coaches clients for natural, evidence-based bodybuilding

This Is How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Feeling sluggish and less than sexy? Low testosterone could be the cause

Is Autophagy the Secret to Life Extension?

Understanding and promoting your body’s natural cleanup mechanism for repairing and removing damaged cells

The Science Behind Lift

Optimal CBD Dosing: Everything You Need to Know

How to Determine the Best Form and Amount of Cannabis to Combat Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia


5 Ways to Improve Your Day and Live the 2022 Life You Want

What is Your Big Five Personality Score?

You’d be better off taking this personality test than Meyers-Briggs.

Managing Yourself: How to Calibrate Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Smart self-assessment plus clearly defined requests for feedback can prevent imposter syndrome

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Do you stick to your long-term goals? Or do you constantly get distracted by new ideas and projects?

This is How to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

The common denominator of success — the secret of success of every person who has ever been successful 

Live Like a Hydra

Thoughts on how to get stronger when things are chaotic.


5 Techniques That Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential This 2022

How to Increase Your Attention Span

Strategies for deep work that go beyond putting your phone in do-not-disturb mode

11 Biohacks To Increase Your Daily Performance

A Virtual Walk Through The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

How to Train Your Daimon and Realize Your True Potential

How to handle the dangerous tensions that come with being a highly creative person

6 Drawings On How To Be A Stoic

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” — Marcus Aurelius

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Because thinking is hard.


5 Ways to Achieve Harmony Between Employee and Manager for the Upcoming Year

How To Handle A Toxic Manager

Toxic bosses are everywhere, but everything can be ok. These tips will help.

A Script for Firing People.

What to Say So That You Don’t Get Stabbed

My Employees Reviewed me, and I Kind of Suck

Reconciling Your Shortcomings is Tough Stuff

How to Recover from Post-Toxic-Boss Syndrome and Get Your Mojo Back

How to put that experience behind you once and for all

The Manager’s Guide to Cultivating Flow at Work

A happy worker is 12 percent more productive than the average employee and 22 percent more productive