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Breathing in the Light

A complete modern tutorial for the ancient meditation technique

My Alcohol-Free Year: First 6 Months Complete

Why I Decided to Take a Break From Alcohol

6 Drawings On How To Be A Stoic

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” — Marcus Aurelius

How to Test for Heavy (Toxic!) Metals — and Why It’s a Good Idea

My chronic insomnia was apparently caused by some of my healthiest habits.


3 Ways to Improve Communication for 2022

How to Master Communication in Open, Polyamorous and Other Relationships

A guide for monogamous and non-monogamous people who want more closeness, less drama, and overall amazing relationships

7 Effective Communication Techniques That Will Make You Excellent

When you think about it, all the success that you enjoy in life comes from other people.

How to Improve Communication Frequency With Your Remote Team

Leaders should use this one metric to improve the morale of geographically distributed teams


4 Ways to Out-Perform at Work This 2022

A Directory of Advice That Works

Below are 256 ways to be a Better Human

How to Run Your Own Annual Review

Forget Resolutions—Here’s Your Blueprint for Making Next Year a Smash Hit

The Direct Report’s Guide to Meaningful One-on-Ones

How to have open and satisfying conversations with your manager

Project Planning Tips and Tales

A collection of project planning ideas and inspirations, taken from Gareth Branwyn’s bestselling Tips and Tales


5 Keys to Maintaining Your Mental Health This 2022

How to Disarm Internal Triggers of Distractions

Use this 4-step method to handle unwanted thoughts that can derail your focus

Superhuman Cognitive Stamina

Cognitive budget and maximum human potential.

How to Deal with Coercive Suicide Threats

Suicide threats can be a form of abuse called coercive control

How to Help Someone Who is Having a Panic Attack

What to Say (and What Not to Say): with scripts!

The DIY Guide to Stopping Panic Attacks

Curing panic attacks is counterintuitive, but easier than you think.


5 Life Hacks That Can Make an Easier Transition Into 2022

How to Become More Likeable

And steps to cultivate more satisfying, authentic relationships

How To Stop Lying To Yourself

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself

How Cross Stitching Developed My Creativity and Self-Discipline

Needle arts can provide a mindfulness practice with scientifically proven cognitive benefits.

How to Remember People’s Names (Almost) Every Time

You know that terrible feeling when you see someone you know you’ve met before

How To Hack Gratitude: Try A Hedonic Reset

A guide to using modern science and ancient Stoic wisdom to live a more joyful life


3 Ways to Unlock Yourself and Get Started for a Better 2022

The Power of Doing the Same Thing Every Day

Imagine. You wake up every day at exactly the same time.

Qigong 101: How to Get Started

An introduction to the ancient system of improving your life through practice and perseverance

Move the Starting Line

“Somehow, though, I realized that I can run that marathon, swim across the sea, or climb in the mountains.


5 Guides to Have a More Fulfilling Life in the Upcoming Year

Coming Out as Biracial


The Recovering Codependent’s Field Guide to Healing From Heartbreak

Tactics to help you develop a more mature identity of your own

How To Stay Friends When You Don’t Have Kids and Your Besties Do

It is a well-known fact that as you move through adulthood

How to Prevent Injuries Even if You Work a Desk Job

Is poor posture why your neck and shoulders hurt?

Wearable technology is moving in the wrong direction

or why the smartwatch is going to fail, and why we should be working on different types of wearable tech.


3 Organizational Secrets You Can Carry Forward Into 2022

How To Keep Your House Tidy
Use these efficiency lessons I learned from waiting tables to bring order to your own home

10 Steps to Start a Daily Cooking Habit
Ten easy steps to go from eating out daily to homecooked meals on the regular.

What’s the Evidence on Face Masks? What You Heard Was Probably Wrong
Despite hearing that face masks “don’t work,” you probably haven’t seen any strong evidence to support that claim.


5 Incredible Marketing Concepts You Probably Didn’t Know About

  1. Think Like A Five-Year Old To Connect Better With Your Marketing Agency: A fresh approach to forge a stronger working relationship.

2. The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing: Here’s Why Promoting Positive Word of Mouth is the Absolute Best Marketing Move for Your Company Today

3. Everything You Need to Know About Segmentation in 2021 [With Examples] : If you’re looking to grow your company or increase sales, then understanding your customers is vital.

4. The Mysterious Missing Element Most Marketers are Overlooking: Intentionality offers us deliverance from marketing that doesn’t fully land with an audience

5. Why Companies Are Still Getting Personalization Wrong: Over personalization, data failure, and [name] personalization