3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Motivation in the Year of Tiger

How To Increase Your Motivation In 2-Minutes Per Day

“When performance is measured, performance improves

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4 Time-Saving Hacks to Jump-Start Your Morning Routine in the Fresh Year 2022

The Simple 10-Step Morning Routine That Changed My Life

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Life begins each morning. — Joel Olsteen

The Miracle Morning Solution — 7 steps to a life-changing morning routine

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4 Career Tips You Should Learn in 2022

How to Achieve Your Most Important Career Goals in a Fraction of the Usual Time

Plan like a CEO. Execute like a ninja

How to Leverage Introversion as a Career Strength

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you lack great management potential—but you need to play to your strengths

How to Improve Your Career by Finding Work You Love

Guides to getting started with side hustles for fun and profit

How To Stop Tears of Rage Before They Damage Your Career

Here’s how to quit crying in the workplace when angry or frustrated


4 Tips to Help You Be More Mindful in 2022

Wabi-Sabi: Beyond Minimalism, and into a Unique Mode of Mindful Simplicity

On the Perfection of Imperfection, Graceful Humility, and the Understated Benefits of Acceptance

Everything You Need to Know About the Mindful Eating Diet

Getting Started with Lift’s Quantified Diet

The Biology Of Mindfulness and Mindlessness — A Neuroscientist’s Perspective

Powerful evidence based on the personal experience of a former heroin addict who became a brain scientist

A Phone Setup That Will Make You More Mindful


3 Facts You Should Know About the Brain That Would Help You Think Healthy in 2022

How to Unlock the Amazing Power of Your Brain and Become a Top Student

I was a mediocre K-12 student but graduated #1 in my medical school class. Here’s how I did it

Rule of Three: Bad Ideas, Arguments and Brainstorming

How to kill arguments and force smarter thinking

The myth of the brainstorming session

Why you can’t schedule creativity


6 Tips To Build Muscle and Have a Healthy Life in the Year of the Tiger

How I Gained 25 Pounds of Muscle Training 3 Days a Week (Or A Guide to Recovery)

A science-based plan that got me more fit with less training

How to Build Muscle at Home With No Equipment

A guide to constructing your own muscle building home workout

What I Eat to Build Muscle and Lose Body Fat

Science-based strategies I use to make changes to my physique, energy levels, and running performance

How to Build More Muscle With Less Work and Less Fatigue

A science-based guide to tailoring your muscle-building program

Does Fasting Burn Muscle?

Involuntary periodic starvation — and its voluntary counterpart, fasting


5 Ways to Enhance Your Reading Skills for the Coming Year

If You Forget As Fast As You Read, This Is For You

4 Ways To Hack Your Memory & A Call To Action

How to Read Academic Content Once and Remember it Forever

Metacognition and spaced retrieval: science-backed learning techniques that work

Slow-Reading is The New Deep Learning

Speed-reading is for skimmers. Slow-reading is for scholars

The Complete Guide to Remembering What You Read

What If You Forgot How To Forget?

How to Master Critical Thinking by Using a Strategy for Critical Reading

Use the SQ3R strategy to master anything you read


5 Critical Writing Guides You Should Know Before the New Year Enters

How to Be a Better Writer

Tips, tricks, and hard-won lessons: from creating drafts to working with editors

How to Write Clearly If You Are an Intuitive Thinker.

This five step system is for anyone who “writes to think.”

The Ultimate Workflow for Writers Obsessed with Quality

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Will This Tool Make You a Better Writer?

Put to the test: Using the Hemingway app to improve the quality of your writing.

The Complete Guide to Editing Your First Draft Like a Pro

You spent hours working on it.


5 Best Ideas for Good Health in the Year 2022

How To Leave Toxic Diet Culture Behind And Pursue Actual Health

The real data behind weight loss research points to a radically different approach to healthy living

A Guide to Using Sauna to Increase Your Health and Longevity

Saunas are experiencing a surge in popularity based on studies

How and Why to Supplement With Magnesium for Health, Fitness, and Performance

Understand the crucial role of magnesium in your biology, test yourself for deficiency, and choose the right supplement

What Is The Difference Between Fasting And Caloric Restriction?

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get is what the difference is between calorie restriction and fasting. 

How to Eat According to Your Carb Tolerance

There’s no single solution for eating the right mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


5 Weight-Loss and Health-Maintenance Habits to Follow in the Year 2022

Lose Weight and Get Fit After 40

The habit journey of a formerly chunky corporate guy

Simple Changes That Helped Me Lose 5 Kg and Feel Great in Just One Month

A detailed yet easy plan of 30-minute bodyweight exercises, a bit of extra walking, and a shift to healthier food

How To Lose Weight by Eating Two Meals a Day

Max Lowery’s approach to intermittent fasting for fat loss

A Surprising Thing Happened When I Stopped Eating For 3 Days

I fasted for 3 days as a personal experiment. Here’s my stick-figure depiction of what happened

Pursuit of the Perfect Diet

Lessons learned running a citizen science project