Submission Guidelines

Our blog is curated to feature articles helpful to freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs.

Readers are generally young adults and adults looking to learn more about the creative market, improve productivity, enhance their entrepreneurial mindset and skills, and grow in their careers. They are passionate enthusiasts of self-improvement and are always on the lookout for ways to help make their life, business, or relationships easier.

We do NOT accept articles about casinos or CBD. No porn, and no content that is racist or sexist in any form or manner. The final decision whether or not to publish will lie with the editors.

If you don’t get an email reply within 5 business days, please know that we have decided not to publish your submission. You can go ahead and submit it elsewhere. Feel free to ping us if you have any questions at

Content Creation Style Guide

Checklist for content value

  • Does your article solve a pain point for a single, specific person? Will a reader gain value from it?
  • Is it a new spin on an old idea or a brand new idea altogether? We don’t prefer already-published or articles that are re-written from old pieces.
  • Are there clear-cut actionable steps a reader can take? We don’t publish vague or pure opinion-based pieces.
  • Is there an incentive for readers to share it with their friends or on social media?
  • Is the headline interesting and makes a reader want to click on it?
  • Does the content flow and read well?
  • Is the article entertaining and easy to read?
  • At least 800 words: we prefer detailed content that generally goes best with our audience. 


  • Please send the article in plain-text format.
  • Title case title headings (AP Style- capitalize the first letter in the important words)
  • Break it into paragraphs, and include enough white space to make it skimmable.
  • Back your claims with peer-reviewed research and statistics wherever applicable.


We require a 800+ word article. Make sure the title is unique and enticing.. We allow one do-follow link per article.

Meta Description

This description is used for SEO purposes and should be two sentences and less than 156 characters (25 words). It should introduce the reader to the blog post and entice them to read on. Make it unique and not generic.

Images & Image Titles

Find a compelling, artful image from or that are thematic to your article and can be used as the featured image. Don’t add any words on the image. Attach these images to your article when you submit (not copy-pasted in the text). These sites are free and have copyright-free images. Must be 1920x1240px.


This will be placed at the end of your article. It should be 75 words. We don’t allow any links in the author bio.

Website & Social Media Platform Links

Provide your social media links. Once the article is done, please share it with your audience. We can also follow each other on the platforms.


After first draft, when reviewing keep an eye out for filler words, negative or self deprecating content, long sentences without punctuation, long paragraphs that aren’t broken up, and any claims that can’t be backed by science or personal experience.